RAI - 'Stone Money'
T Barny

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RAI - 'Stone Money'
Sculpture: Italian alabaster

6"h x 6"w x 2"d

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A native of California with a BFA from the Rhode Island School of Design, T Barny has been creating sculpture professionally for four decades. It is his great love of stone as a medium that allows him to create serene and evocative works that continue to grow in their market presence and are becoming increasingly sought after. T Barny imports personally selected stone from quarries around the world, carving his pieces from massive blocks of granite, alabaster, calcite, and his favorite, marble. T Barny allows the natural rhythms of the materials he uses to guide him to a final product. He makes use of negative space as much as the positive body in order to establish an affinity with the stone, evoking a feeling as sublime as the pieces themselves. His sculptures generate the kinetic illusion of movement and fluidity through his Mobius-like works, with a single, traceable, looping edge.